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      He paused a moment.May I speak to you a moment? she asked.

      No, Ill sit here a bit longer, she said, and talk to the gentlemen and the Lord Mayor of Bracebridge. Dear me, to think of all the changes we see! And I shouldnt wonder if there was more in store yet. I learned when I was a girl that there was once a King of England who used to like a bit of stale fish

      She broke off, and the trouble cleared from her face, as she looked up at him smiling.Come, Miss Propert, he said. Lets have an end of this. I should have asked the price before I commissioned you to do the work. Let me give you a cheque for ten pounds.

      You may tell your mother this, he said, that I wont be called a seller of bad goods by anybody. If another man did that Id bring a libel action against him to-morrow. Your mother should remember that shes largely dependent on me, and though she may detest me, she must keep a civil tongue in her head about me in my presence. She may say what she pleases of me behind my back, but dont you repeat it to me.

      How much has been spent on the new wing already? he asked.

      She had frozen into the perfect secretary. With incredible speed she had the sheaf of letters before him, and with her writing pad in her hand awaited his dictation. Twice during the next hour she, with downcast eyes, corrected some error of his, once producing an impeccable file to show him{117} that a week before he had demanded a reduction on certain wholesale terms, once to set him right in a date regarding previous correspondence. She had been five minutes late that morning, but she had saved him fifty in future correspondence. She seemed to know her files by heart: it was idle to challenge her for proof when she made a correction.The Singleton Press edition, sir? asked Propert.


      I am sure we should both like to. I love ceremonies and gold chains and personages. Ive been visiting at the hospital, too, reading to patients.I have brought the block of your book-plate, sir, she said, with a couple of impressions of it.



      So let us give, he said, just as if he was perorating in the pulpit, let us give till we have spent{207} all our energies. That will take a long time, wont it: for the act of giving seems but to increase your capability of it. Dear Miss Alice, I have a thousand plans that are yet unrealised, a thousand schemes for this little parish of ours. We must have more schools for religious education, more classes, more lives unselfishly lived. I want all the help I can get. I want to transfuse St Thomass with the certainty that the doubting disciple lacked. But I cant do it alone. Those who see must lend me their eyesI am a mere stupid man. I